Horseback Riding Isn’t Pretentious. Just Don’t Play Polo.

Riding A Horse Is An Amazing Experience. Don’t Ruin It By Getting Involved With Polo.
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Because Everyone Loves Reading About Another Person’s Misfortune

Misadventure TaleI love getting published. I hate getting robbed.
Two worlds collide in an epic tale of thievery and misadventure.
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A Vacation From Traveling

Life on the road is exhausting. You’ll never be able to tell from the pretty pictures in travel blogs but constant travel wears you out.

Booking flights, accommodation, tours and whatnot takes up a lot of time, especially when you’re making things up as you go along. Winging it one country at a time sounds really snappy in my mind but the reality is a lot more tiring.


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Per Kilo Restaurants In Rio De Janeiro

Food At A Per Kilo Joint In Rio De Janeiro

Will someone tell me why this concept hasn’t caught on in the rest of the world?
You walk through a huge selection of well cooked foods, mix and match what you want and pay for the total weight of your choices.
You get exactly what you want, in the quantity you want it and priced to accomodate any portion size.

It’s genius I tell you.

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A Great Cup of Coffee at Sant’ Eustachio

Gran Caffe

A great cup of coffee is a wonderful thing.
It perks you up in dreary mornings.
It transports you away from the tedium of a working day.
It facilitates the flow of easy conversation between good friends.
It also tastes pretty damn good.

Being the coffee nut that I am, I make it a point to find the best cuppas everywhere I go.
In Rome, I find that cuppa in Sant’ Eustachio il Cafe, a delightfully ancient cafe which has been in operation since the 1930′s.

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School Of Athens

School of Athens by Raphael - Not Bad For A Ninja Turtle


“People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.”

- Dagobert D. Runes


Grom Gelato

Blueberry and Melon Gelato

Despite not being much of an ice cream person, I find myself eating a lot of gelato when I’m in Florence. It would be a lot snappier to use the cliche ‘When in Rome’ if I was actually in Rome but Florence was where I started getting into the entire Italian way of life.

Of course, eating good gelato is just one aspect of swinging the Italian vibe. You also shouldn’t be too concerned about anything, have a fair amount of swagger and generally carry the attitude of a weasel with insomnia.

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A Day By The Lake

Feet By Lake

Dipping my feet into the icy cold lake while my skin sizzles in the heat, I feel a rush of excitement usually reserved for adolescent boys watching the opening sequence of Baywatch for the first time.

There are ducks on the lake.

It’s funny how catching sight of these birds gliding by could inspire such euphoria in me. I’ve seen ducks before and find them boring and unremarkable. They’re tasty little buggers, especially when roasted, but that’s about as far as our relationship goes. I usually can’t care less when I see a duck, alive or roasted, but there I was beckoning my wife to see the trail of duckies by the side of the rowboat. Continue Reading →

You Mean This Isn’t Grape Juice? – A Wine Tour For The Seriously Uninformed

Roger Sabon Private Collection“Absolutely exquisite. It’s a lighthearted wine yet serious when it needs to be. Earthy overtones with a strong hint of berries – raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. This is a complex wine that yearns to roam free.”

Today, I went for my first wine tour in France. It was a pleasant experience and I would readily recommend it to anyone. The host was charming and thoroughly hospitable to wine noobs like myself, without even a hint of condescension. I learned a lot about wine tasting, appreciating wine and the process of how wine is produced. I sampled many different wines and I enjoyed each and every tasting.

So why is it that I cringe at the thought of the entire experience?

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Strawberry GazpachoGrilled Iberian Pancetta, Roasted Scallop and Crunchy PrawnWagyu Beef CarpaccioQuail Eggs, Grilled Mini Squid, Anemones and AsparagusCodfish Loin with MorelsCuttlefish TaglieriniWagyu Beef 40h StewEnsaimada Ice CreamFlavoured StracciatellaGelonch Menu


Have you noticed that everyone and his gastronomically-inclined mum has a food blog? Every other restaurant is being invaded by DSLR’s and the fact that you actually know what DSLR means only demonstrates the large scale perversion of this shutter-bugging. Odds are, you probably even own a food blog, ya swine.

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Why You Should Never Leave Barcelona Without Visiting La Boqueria

During summer, waves of shutterbug minions throng La Rambla in Barcelona, soaking in the vibe of the world’s most exciting street. I walked its many pathways today, my adrenaline pumping from the chaotic energy that the tourist infested passages seemed to generate. Either that or it was the excitement of checking my pocket for my wallet every 5 minutes.

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A Little Flash, A Lot of Knack

Flashpacker having a Sangria

It’s unfortunate how once a label grows on the media’s collective mind, it never seems to go away. A couple of years back, we had absolutely no clue what to call a good looking straight dude with immaculate skin.  Nowadays, he’s a ‘metrosexual’. It’s strange that for years upon years, these good looking straight guys with immaculate skin were going  around without a moniker. You’d look at one of these chaps walking down the street and think to yourself…there goes a good looking fella with tight pores…now if only there was a term I could use to describe this jackass.
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“The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as a tourist.”

Russel Baker